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Ben Sharabi

Ben Sharabi

Director of Construction & Special Projects
Property Management

Ben Sharabi joins illi as our Director of Construction & Special Projects. He grew up on job sites, learning about the Real Estate & Construction Business. In 1999 he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Theater from the University of British Columbia. He operated in the construction business with his father, a General Contractor. In 2005 he obtained his California Real Estate license and spent time as an agent. In 2008, Ben’s interest in construction and further studies earned him a California Contractor’s License as a general “B” contractor.

In 2011, Ben opened his contracting business in the same building as the growing illi Commercial Real Estate. He developed close relationships with illi’s ownership and management team; and often assisted property managers, leasing agents, and illi clients. His knowledge in construction and negotiation skills ensure favorable outcomes in matters ranging from leasing to maintenance projects, insurance claims, and capital improvement projects.

Ben obtained four additional construction licensing classifications; Plumbing, Electrical, Warm-Air Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Concrete. All was achieved while growing his contracting business to annual sales of 3 million dollars, getting married, buying and remodeling his first house, and having a beautiful boy and girl with his wife, Rachel.

In 2022, Ben happily accepted an offer to join illi Commercial Real Estate and is excited to help reach further heights.

Ben is also an avid reader and a skilled negotiator. He is an expert in contracts and construction/real estate law. Ben has produced, acted, and written in theater productions. In 2012 he developed a local production of Mel Brook’s The Producers and raised $ 5,000.00 for a local charity.

Ben loves meeting and getting to know new people and is always ready to lend a hand.