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Keith Corneliuson

Keith Corneliuson

Executive VP - Asset Management
Executive Team

Keith Corneliuson having been raised in a small farming and ranching community in South Dakota, transferred his junior year in college from South Dakota to Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado where he continued with his Business Administration studies. He also trained in property management coursework through the University of Denver. Keith began his property management career by opening and operating a management, maintenance and brokerage company in Denver in 1978 operating single and multi-family properties and warehouse, medical, office and retail commercial properties primarily for California investors who found the Denver market attractive. In 1985, Keith obtained his Arizona broker’s license and expanded to Phoenix before selling his businesses and moving to Los Angeles in October of 1988.

In Los Angeles, Keith went to work for the Joseph Yousem Company, a 30-year old fee-management company specializing in H.O.A. management and consulting. As Executive Vice President, Keith expanded by diversifying the company’s management business to include multi-family and commercial management including opening an in-house roving maintenance division and becoming a court-appointed receiver of troubled properties which doubled the size of the company within five years. He was instrumental in bringing a company stuck in a 70’s operating mode into the 90’s through state of the art computerization and revamping the entire business office operation with the end result doubling income and increasing overhead by only 20%. Todd Nathanson joined the team at Yousem and worked with Keith for a period of time and they have remained friends for over 26 years with Keith encouraging Todd to open his own business 8 years ago.

In 1996, two years after the Northridge earthquake, Keith went to work for a new company that was formed to redevelop earthquake damaged apartments in the Sherman Oaks and Northridge areas. Keith formed a management company for PCS Properties to manage their redeveloped properties during the holding period and also was a member of the design team for the redevelopment of both earthquake damaged properties and new stick built properties. PCS was the largest re-developer of earthquake damaged apartments in Los Angeles and also developed some commercial properties.

After the completion of the earthquake damaged properties and with a management company efficiently operating, Keith went on to work for another developer for over ten years. Keith headed a management division headquartered in Beverly Hills for this developer who built large 100 to 500 unit communities and several mixed use retail/residential communities including low-income tax credit, conventional, senior communities and medical, office and retail commercial properties.

Approaching the 40-year mark in the management business, Keith accepted Todd Nathanson’s job offer to come on board operating the management division of illi when it became known that a key player with Todd would be leaving the firm. Todd and Keith have set a goal to double the size of the management division of the company. Keith came on in September of 2014 and began both short and long term enhancements to produce the best available management for the property size that illi specializes in. The division has already been complimented by the clients over the many changes and enhancements that have been made in the past few months and are anxiously awaiting the continued enhancements that have been shared for upcoming improvements. Keith enjoys the challenge and takes personal pride in the management that is produced for our clients.

Keith’s hobby is 50’s and 60’s American made cars. He collects and putters around with a collection that including parts cars numbers around 25 cars at times that he stores at a 5-acre property in the Palm Springs area that he built a 6,000 sq. ft. steel building on.