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Success Story: Freda’s Pizza

Success Story: Freda's Pizza & Woodfired Kitchen

Westlake Village, CA

Phil Adler’s success story in the pizza industry is a testament to his unwavering determination and innovative approach. His passion for the craft led him and his partner to create Freda’s Pizza & Woodfired Kitchen, a concept that combines traditional techniques and ingredients with a modern twist.

A New Beginning: Phil’s years of experience in the industry have been invaluable to their success, starting with washing dishes, working his way up to a management role, and ultimately purchasing a catering company that transitioned into Freda’s Pizza & Woodfired Kitchen.

Finding a Location: When it was time to find a second location, Freda’s turned to Austin Harrell, one of our top senior associates with extensive knowledge of the Conejo Valley. The leasing process was smooth and successful, thanks in large part to Austin’s expertise and guidance. With a prime location secured, Freda’s Pizza & Woodfired Kitchen was able to hit the ground running and quickly establish itself as a popular destination for pizza lovers.

A Supportive Team: Phil’s advice to other business owners is simple yet powerful: stay true to your vision, work hard, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Freda’s success is a testament to the importance of following your dreams and surrounding yourself with a supportive team. And with illi Commercial Real Estate and Austin Harrell by their side, Freda’s was able to turn their vision into a reality.