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Market Report: West Hollywood


West Hollywood, Norma Triangle, West Hollywood West, and more.

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  • Q1 - 2022
  • Q1 - 2023
  • Q1 - 2024

Leasing Market Overview


In the dynamic retail landscape of West Hollywood, leasing conditions remain a focal point amid the area’s renowned allure. Known for its trendy districts and iconic fashion corridors like Melrose Avenue and Robertson Boulevard, the submarket boasts some of the highest retail lease rates in Greater Los Angeles, often surpassing $100 per square foot annually in prime locations. Despite its affluent residential base, recent challenges, including a decline in international tourism, have impacted consumer spending, leading to a notable uptick in vacancy rates, which now stand at 8.6%, up from 7.5% just a year ago. While rental rates have remained stable, the built-out nature of the submarket presents hurdles for new development, with much of the available space situated within older properties undergoing extensive refurbishments to meet evolving tenant demands.

Navigating the West Hollywood retail leasing landscape requires a nuanced understanding of evolving market dynamics. While recent economic shifts have led to a modest rise in vacancy rates, strategic opportunities emerge for savvy retailers and investors alike. Despite the construction challenges hindering ground-up development, the submarket’s enduring appeal continues to command premium lease rates, reflecting its status as one of the nation’s most coveted retail destinations. As leasing activity adapts to current conditions, a focus on revitalizing existing assets through comprehensive renovations underscores a commitment to meet evolving consumer preferences, ensuring that West Hollywood remains at the forefront of retail innovation and experience.


No. Signed Date Start Date Address SF Leased Rent/SF/Mo Months on Market Leasing Rep Company
1 Mar-24 Apr-24 366-372 N. La Cienega Blvd 2,000 2.75 14 Commercial Asset Group
2 Mar-24 Apr-24 8065-8075 W. 3rd St 1,697 5.00 16 Continental Development Group
3 Mar-24 Apr-24 7819-7829 Melrose Ave 1,800 4.50 9 Spacegrab
4 Feb-24 Mar-24 8270-8278 Santa Monica Blvd 1,890 4.23 11 South Park Group, Inc
5 Feb-24 Mar-24 8869-8871 Santa Monica Blvd 1,960 12.76 7 Newmark
6 Feb-24 Mar-24 8755 Santa Monica Blvd 4,969 6.00 11 CBRE
7 Feb-24 Mar-24 7801-7813 W. Sunset Blvd 900 3.00 6 Blue Jay Properties
8 Jan-24 Feb-24 439-441 N Fairfax Ave 2680 6.75 8 CBRE
9 Jan-24 Feb-24 6325-6335 Wilshire Blvd 1346 3.95 17 Brandon Cohan Real Estate
10 Jan-24 Feb-24 8051-8055 Beverly Blvd 1350 4.25 3 NAI Capital


Successful Client

illi Commercial Real Estate sits down with passionate restauranteur, Cesar Garcia, to discuss his new location for Papa Juan’s Baja Grill.

Papa Juan’s Baja Grill is a restaurant that has been delighting customers with its delicious, homemade recipes inspired by Baja cuisine. With 14 years of experience in the industry, the owner’s passion for food and dedication to customer service shines through.

Learn about his journey from cooking for friends and family to opening a food truck and brick-and-mortar location. Don’t miss the exciting news about the upcoming Northridge location and the owner’s other restaurant concepts.