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Success Story: Tia Donuts

Success Story: Tia Donuts

Reseda, CA

After leaving Cambodia and arriving in the United States, Tia started working at a donut shop where she learned the basics of baking donuts. Later after opening her first store in 2005 in San Francisco, she decided to sell it and move to Los Angeles, finding a location in Reseda, between Reseda blvd., and Oxnard st.

A New Location: The client was looking for an advisor that knew the location and could offer a guide through the process. After contacting Asher Pergament, illi’s agent representing the property between Oxnard blvd. and Reseda blvd., Tia began the process to lease what later would become Tia’s Donut. After inspecting the place, Tia proposed remodeling the business and suggested remodeling the property’s exterior.

Remodeling: illi Commercial started and proposed ownership plans for the remodel of the property. After the proposal of the new design and a budgeting of costs with different providers, ownership agreed to start the process of remodeling the property. illi’s team worked with the ownership and with different providers to create bids that saved costs and expedited the completion of the remodel of the property.


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